Learning English

1. Due to your level in English, you loose many opportunities every day (well-paid jobs, fellowships, traveling opportunities, business opportunities, etc.)

2. You don’t have time to attend lessons in a training center,

3. You can’t effectively use the documentation that you have acquired with enough money,

4. You may have invested, unsuccessfully, thousands of francs in English without being able to reach the desired level,

5. You have the desire to significantly enhance your level in the language of Shakespeare,

6. You have at least the level of the 4th class at the secondary school ,

7. You have a computer,

8. You have an Internet connection or you can go to a cyber to access your teaching materials.

Experience our expertise with modern teaching tools and receive, for three (3) months, a rather innovative training designed to develop your sense of listening English, your speech, your ability to understand a speech in English , enhancing your grammar, your spelling and your vocabulary in the language of the winners.

Take advantage of our distance learning program, our online supports, our discussion platform and our proven experience in learning English as foreign language.

Warranty: 100% satisfaction or your money will be refunded during the 2nd week .

Tuition: 60,000 F (Special opportunity) . Indeed the real cost is 120,000 F

Enrolment : Register by sending an e-mail to speakenglish@sopodiva.com For further information, please contact us by just sending an e-mail or by calling the training department at +229 21 36 38 28.

NB: You can negotiate some of the terms of this program according to what you wish. All our training programs are accompanied by special bonus thas are worth the amount you pay for the program. It is also possible to have a special practicing program on saturdays.

Take advantage of our innovations and you’ll always win!