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“Citadel of communication”


Since speaking is an integral part of learning a language, SOPODIVA Training Centre is responsible for training his students to become fluent conversationalists and effective public speakers in French at affordable fee.

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Our objectives

  • To help our members communicate their ideas in French language.
  • To help our members comprehend standard spoken French.
  • To train our members in effective public speaking and human relations.
  • To try as much as possible to make the training interesting, easier, cheaper and affordable.

Our methods

  • We organize interactive classes where our members exchange their opinions on various topics.
  • Also in our one-on-one meeting we help to pinpoint the problems of members e.g. in phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction etc. and we offer the necessary tools, help or advices.

Our vision

  • To train our members to become confident bilinguals.
  • To help our members to become fluent conversationalist so as to be able to communicate their ideas in domestic, local, national and international affairs diplomatically.
  • To use our communication skills to speak out against negative factors that hamper economic, social and personal development.

Our training programmes

  • Public speaking class
  • Leadership class
  • Interpretation
  • Drama group
  • Choral group
  • Debate
  • Forum
  • Variety or entertainment class etc.

Our talk topics

  • Administration
  • Culture and civilization
  • Relationship
  • Successful living
  • Secrets of successful business
  • Health, wealth, etc

Our time schedule

Monday to Friday 6.00 am – 9.00 pm (evening sessions only).

Tuition fees

GHC 100/Month

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Conversation class

1- What is a festival? How did you celebrate the last festive season? What festival do you celebrate in your community? Discuss in details etc.
2- What is poverty? What are causes of poverty? Can a poor person be happy?
3- What is happiness? Who is a happy person? When was the happiest day of your life? Explain!
4- What is criticism? Have you ever been criticised? Have you ever criticised someone? Why?
5- What is Friendship? A friend in need is a friend indeed. What does it mean? Who is your best friend?
6- What is character trait? What kind of character are you? Can you condone someone with character defects?
7- What is accident? What are the causes of accident? How can we ovoid making accident?
8- What is the main purpose of life? What is the secret of long life? How long would you like to live on earth?
9- What is corruption? What are the causes of corruption?
10- What is adultery? Why do some people suspect their partners? If you found out your partner was cheating on you, what would you do?
11- What is anger? Can you live with a hot-tempered partner? How can one cope with anger? What makes you angry?
12- What is pride? What is the difference between pride and self confidence? How can you dictate a proud person?
13- What is marriage? How do you celebrate marriage in community? What are the causes of domestic violence? What age is suitable for marriage? How to make a marriage successful?
14- Debate: Are the whites more intelligent than the blacks? How and why? Will Africa ever develop? How? What are the factors militating against development in Africa?
15- New reports : listening to the news and report to the class
16- Interview: The learner will be interviewed by other learners about their job/career/study/profession or work.
17- Debate: Should African cultures be abolished? Why and why not? What is culture shock? If you’ve travelled outside your country, what was the difference between their culture and yours?
18- Forum: What is Love? Does real love still exist? Is it possible to love your enemy?
19- Short drama : (A job seeker and the manager ; in a restaurant : client and waiter ; in the market : buyer and seller ; in the airport : traveller and stranger)
20- Quiz: question and answer esp. Grammar, spelling, phonetics, etc.
21- Debate: Is children asset or liability? Can a family without children be happy? If you discover that your wife could not bear children, what would you do?
22- Forum: What are HIV/Aids? Is it proper to discuss sex with our children?
23- Interpretation: songs, poetries, drama.

Contact: SOPODIVA Training Centre  ACCRA  GHANA

Info lines: (Call et whats’app) : +233 50 157 6344 /+233 54 020 1004 or +233 26 709 2896



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