Environmental Education

This page is to present our intervention in the sector of education. We focus on conciliating conservation of the environment and promoting good education for population living around protected areas. The problem is that those population are very poor and the only one solution they can use to survive is destroying natural resources. Unfortunately those resources are the remaining environment that can protect some countries from dessertification and from many other environmental problems. The most durable way of helping those poor populations is to play an important role in their education. While doing it they agree on the fact that the important help they have is due to the fact that they have accepted to contribute to the conservation of the environment. The following links can help you to have more details about our strategy. The document is still in French, but we will translate it very soon : overview of some of the activities achieved by SOPODIVA NGO

The following pictures can also help to appreciate some of our activities in Benin, Niger and Burkina Faso (West Africa).

Education Environnementale

Baobab, a great symbol in West Africa


This flower has been discovered during Environmental education activities in the W Regional Park


A local King is encouraging the conservation activities by blessing the young generation


Just appreciate this picturesque site. The risk of destruction is so obvisious. But your small contribution can help to eliminate such a risk due to extensive agriculture and livestock farming. Your genererosity can change mentality and can also help to raise the educational level of the poors. So please donate now.

Visit of the 1st Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in Africa by students coming from (Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso)

Many students are so happy to have the opportunity to discover an environment that is still natural after that they generally become environment ambassadors in charge of sensitizing their parents


Do you think that it will be fair to leave those resources for destruction ? In case you answer NO, please do not forget that it can’t be possible without your contribution. Because it is a vast ecosystem in the heart of West Africa. It is shared among Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin ! Then your contribution can really help.


See how happy those student are to discover what a natural environment is ! Don’t you want the coming generations to have the same opportunity?

Distribution of school materials to students that are in need so as to develop an awareness on environmental issues. Most of them cannot afford paying school fees.

Local and traditional authorities are involved in this participative approach of conservation of natural resources


In case you want to contribute to reduce poverty in the World by contributing to the education of the poors you can also play an important role in conserving those resources that are so important for coming generations.

A thesis have revealed that the current approach will be fruitfull if the programme can be permanent. It has also revealed that there are still many things to do to have the total adhesion of those local populations . Just click here to download the complete document. In case you want to support our activities, you can do it online just by chosing an option below. You can also contact us at  info@sopodiva.com to make a fund transfert. Thank you for your contribution.