In 2009, SOPODIVA TRAINING CENTRE started by bringing students from all the francophone countries around Ghana to Accra so as to help them learn and speak English for professional or academic use. More than 10 years after the journey started, our students are on one hand professionals who are already working and who are seriously in need of a second language to boost their career and improve their chance of a good income and a better social status. On the other hand, we have youngsters who are mainly prepared to take English test (mainly TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS), German test (Goethe Institute) and French (TFI, test de Français International). We also help foreigners who want to learn Twi. Ghanaians who want to learn other languages are also offered admission to broaden their horizons. Sopodiva Training Centre slowly became an international environment that enable all our students to learn to know others as they are learning their languages of choice. Often more than 15 nationalities will be found together at Sopodiva at each intake.


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Akwaba (Welcome) to SOPODIVA TRAINING CENTRE, your language family. In fact, we are a family of people who believe that you can be a full citizen of the World through languages. Henceforth this website is just to help you see that we can provide the family you are looking for and that will accompany you in your journey to mastering languages that will be a turning point to your studies or to your career. Hundreds of people all over Africa, Europe and even America joined are family and are still active member of that family.

Feel at home and let us right now help you start your journey safely to the ideal destination. Become part of our wonderful family made of our old and new students all over the World. SOPODIVA, My Language Family! Enjoy the family.


We ensure that all our learners reach 100% of their goals and develop at least one additional skill through classes, special attention, encouragements, support, motivation and integration in a family mage of all the staff of Sopodiva Training Centre and our old and new students all over the world.


Constant training is a powerful key to build successful people. no learner should ever leave our Centre without an outstanding command of the language skills he/she has come for.


Through all our training we aim at uniting Africa by breaking barriers set by languages. We work to build and strengthen links that will bridge the gaps between individuals and the world at large. The end result is that through the mastery of languages, people can contribute to peace, they can seize all the opportunities that come their way (academic, professional, economic, social, etc.). They can become fulfilled citizens of the world that is truly becoming a village.