SOPODIVA Training Center Ltd is pleased to welcome all students from all over Africa and the rest of the World. Whether it’s your first education experience abroad or the last step of your education, we are confident that SOPODIVA will provide you with a family where learning is a delight. From your first day to your last day with us, you will be surprised by the diversity of staff and facilities that create an environment conducive to learning. However, the quality of our teaching is far above what you are going to invest. We are very happy that you have chosen to join us. Rest assured that you will get many academic and professional opportunities thanks to the new language skills you are about to acquire.


SOPODIVA is the only centre, in Ghana, where you can take your luggages and walk in without any worry about accommodation, feeding, and transport. You don’t even need to think about your family because you will find a family that will welcome you and help you feel at home as soon as you land. Our two campuses offer accommodation at standards and fees you can afford.

On one of the campuses, you can organize yourself and enjoy your stay at your convenience. On the other, you will rather have everything organized for you. All you have to do is just prepare your mind and focus on your learning, as all the rest is well-taken care of.
The Promoter went through the same challenges as you. That is why he associated with a team that is more than prepared to help you in your journey, without stress, at your own pace and at whatever level you have.

SOPODIVA at the heart of professional competence


Our programs are selected through a rigorous and unique process to positively impact the training of our students.

This training is intended primarily for senior staff of diplomatic representations, subregional, regional and international institutions, projects and administrations benefiting from a partnership with institutions or states whose language of work is English. You receive regular working papers in English, sometimes you have to answer in English and you have trouble getting by with the technical vocabulary in English.