Serge Sourou OGA

With a Bachelor Degree in Administration since 2000, a Master Degree in Socio-Economics of Environment in 2006, a diploma in Marketing and Business Communication in 2009, a Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting in 2019 (English and French combination) just to mentioned few of his qualifications, Serge Sourou OGA is among fearless, dynamic, young, entrepreneurial people who believe that Unity is key to the development of Africa. After 10 years of career with Sub-regional Projects, Ministries, Private organizations and GiZ/ECOWAS, he initiated SOPODIVA in 2009. Since then, with the support of a team he organized, for more than 10 years he has sacrificed all his skills and abilities to train, coach and orient hundreds of students and professionals in their studies and careers to add value to the continent he believes will do well with a good human capital.

Married to Bernadette, he has 5 children, hence his passion for children and the youth in general. Under his guidance SOPODIVA designed special programmes to groom the young generations during long vacations to be the leaders Africa is craving for. He strongly claims that Africa will make it faster if the youth is ready to be well trained, to go beyond the limits set by the artificial borders and languages while sacrificing for the continent. Some definitely need to forget thinking about becoming rich at the expense of the continent that could be self-sufficient. He is the founder of Sopodiva for which he sacrifices all his energy and dedication to make it a model of achievement many young people can emulate.

Open minded he will give all it takes to help people grow and release their full potential. He is willing to work with young people who share in the same values to collectively contribute their share to a new dawn for Mother Africa. He is passionate about ecotourism, environmental education, wildlife, and constant team-building. His conviction is that everyone has a mission and with God there is no reason why one shouldn’t succeed in their mission.